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Download Jean Vayat - Corvette

Jean Vayat - Corvette

17 October 2022

Elif compiles Harabe’s latest compilation (@elifmusique) ‘Harabe Nightmares’ - featuring original tracks from Elif, Elias Doré, HAFT, Lake Avalon & Lauren Mia, Marat Mode and more. buy on beatport : Elif continues to show her endless list of talents; The Turkish label has enlisted the free spirited talent to compile their latest VA ‘Harabe Nightmares II’. In a tumultuous year, Elif has been a shining light. From her ABRACADABRA residency which provides escapism and connection at a time we need it most, to stellar original releases on Stil Vor Talent, A Tribe Called Kotori, and remixes on Anjunadeep and AKASHA, she’s used this time to truly focus and flourish. Whether she’s writing a track or creating a set, it’s a compelling journey that draws you in. So it’s no wonder she’s been entrusted with compiling the latest Harabe Nightmares compilation. The track list features a diverse range of both emerging and established talent, plus Elif and Marat Mode team up on the driving cut ‘Koan’, where a catchy riff meets a building synth top line in a colourful rocketing crescendo. ‘I was thrilled to be asked by Cagdas (Anatolian Sessions), a fellow Turkish producer, to compile this VA’ Elif says. ‘I loved having the opportunity to curate music that I like playing from producers I love and want to support. It took a couple of months to compile and was so fun and so satisfying that it made me consider starting my own label in the future! Harabe is an exciting emerging imprint that I'm happy to be a part of. I am in love with each and every track on the compilation and very proud of all the artists who contributed.’ The Turkish label has been bubbling up since it launched in 2019, releasing heartfelt music that defies typical genre norms. ‘Harabe Nightmares ||’ will join a back catalog of quality and consistency from this indie imprint.

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