Download Den Dala - I Am The Changer (Cotton Jones Cover) (Nice Guys)

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Download Den Dala - I Am The Changer (Cotton Jones Cover)
Nice Guys

Den Dala - I Am The Changer (Cotton Jones Cover)

10 June 2022

Stream 'I Am The Changer' now: Den Dala’s new single “I am the Changer” slows things down immediately after the first note played. It makes you want to lay down in a field of flowers, closing your eyes and dreaming for a while. It is a cover of the band “Cotton Jones”. No surprise Andrin Stettler, the creative head of Den Dala, had to make his own version of it. His very personal touch can be heard throughout the laid-back song. Following no rules, he mixed old tape flutes with swelly guitars, lazy vocals with swooshing drums. Things came together very naturally; it was one of these recordings that just happened with ease. “The first time I heard the original song it was like I was in a different universe. It goes on for about six minutes and the whole time you just hope that it would never stop.” - Andrin Stettler

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