Nedlasting PREMIERE: gázel - Solea (Planet Caravan Remix) [ Crépite. ] (Afterhour Sounds)

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Nedlasting PREMIERE: gázel - Solea (Planet Caravan Remix) [ Crépite. ]
Afterhour Sounds

PREMIERE: gázel - Solea (Planet Caravan Remix) [ Crépite. ]

27 July 2022

PREMIERE: gázel - Solea (Planet Caravan Remix) [ Crépite. ] Release Title: Solea Artist: gázel Label: Crépite. Catalogue No.: CRSL02 Release-Date: 22.12.2021 Buy Link: Promotext: Our music journey continues and we invite you to travel with us with our new single ‘Solea’. ‘Solea’ is our 2nd single and is created by the amazing Köln based duo gázel. We fell in love with their sound directly when we heard their ‘Giants Walk’. Since then they kept impressing us with their releases and live performances. They are really the type of artists we admire, with a great attention to details, dedication and passion for pushing boundaries and an astonishing live setup. Now imagine yourself sitting in a post-apocalyptic Saloon, sharing a glass of whisky with a humanoid robot. Talking about philosophy and the meaning of life.. . This is where gázel is bringing you with this sublime piece of music. Driving airy synth, balanced with majestuous pads, wrapped up with that infamous gázel guitar. Have a safe trip ! We invited Planet Caravan, rising producer from Zürich, to create a more vibrant reinterpretation of this piece. Using the original material with perfection and giving it a dirty twist with heavy basslines and freaky synth. Exactly what you need to dance it off after a long discussion with that robot. ‘Solea' is the 2nd single of our ‘Singles Exploration’ series where we encourage new artists' collaboration and enhance the discovery of new sound boundaries of a flourishing music scene. We thank you deeply for following the journey and all the artists who are trusting us with releasing their music ! ✘ gázel (Köln // Germany) ✘Planet Caravan (Zürich // Switzerland) ✘ Crépite. (Paris & Berlin // France & Germany) @crepitecollective

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