Download PREMIERE: Nikki Nair - I Ain't Got You [Eminent x Slippery Sounds] (definite party material)

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Download PREMIERE: Nikki Nair - I Ain't Got You [Eminent x Slippery Sounds]
definite party material

PREMIERE: Nikki Nair - I Ain't Got You [Eminent x Slippery Sounds]

23 September 2022

Alicia Keys is one of the undisputed queens of contemporary R&B. Powerful vocals, earnest lyrics and a deep self-awareness are the main pillars that have held up her career. But what happens when you fuse ballads with basslines? For this vinyl-only co-release on Bristol imprints Eminent and Slippery Sounds, Knoxville’s Nikki Nair stands at the intersection between new and old and redefines exactly how to nail the bootleg edit. ‘If I Ain't Got You’ is a precise flurry of two-step garage and nostalgic vocals, Alicia’s lilting voice still recognisable despite the dancefloor environment. A glossy rhythm breathes life into the old classic so that it becomes a new entity, which somehow welds together the murky rave realm with the weightlessness of Summer. It’s rare for tracks to suit any given setting, but this one might just be a strong contender. ‘Show Me Love’ takes a more starry-eyed course, weaving dewy textures into a fresh whimsical appeal. There’s still a subtle nod to the past despite the more recent Alicia/Miguel sample, which comes in the form of the 2010’s grime era melodies and nostalgic soundscapes. The breakdown around the halfway mark is a particular treat; it hoists up the vocals in reverence before the first of two ice-cold, dubby drops. They say that if you’re paying homage to one of the greats, you’ve got to do it right. But Nikki Nair goes above and beyond that into a captivating alternate reality where the rush the second time round is just as good. These bootlegs are instant classics in themselves. @nikki-nair @eminentuk @slipperysounds Buy:

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